Harry Chapin

The Bottom Line Archive Series (Live 1981)

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Harry Chapin celebrated his 2000th performance in January 1981 by performing three nights at the Bottom Line, performing a song cycle that began with "Taxi" and ended with "Sequel." The Bottom Line Archive presents this curated selection of tracks from the original set list, featuring such staples as "Story of a Life," "Old Folkie," "Remember When the Music" and "Cat's in the Cradle." This series of concerts would turn out to be some of Chapin's last performances -- he died six months afterward, in July -- which makes this a valuable addition to the libraries of devoted collectors.


Heads & Tails was the debut smash Lp from the late singer/songwriter and human rights activist Harry Chapin. Shortly after its release in 1972, and thanks in part to Johnny Carson for asking the artist to come back a second night after he blew the audience away with his storytelling classic hit Taxi, Harry Chapin was on soon on his way to the top rungs of the charts.

Radio programmers both rock and pop also took the cue and began to play the 7 minute single in tandem, as Taxi would soon become one of the biggest success stories of the time.

The album was filled with 8 more Chapin classics like his stellar Greyhound, Could You Keep Your Light On Please and the beautiful harmony filled Any Old Kind Of Day. With his amazing stories and masterful musicianship, Harry Chapin would go on beyond the musical landscape and become one of the leading human rights activists of his time with his food outreach programs, which are still in the works to this day (The Harry Chapin Foundation)

Friday Music is very honored to announce the limited edition release of late great Harry Chapin’s Heads & Tails. This first time 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl was mastered impeccably by Joe Reagoso at Captiol Records and will also be presented in a stunning gatefold cover to further enhance your listening experience.

This is a wonderful album for his old fans to revisit for the first time in the audiophile vinyl domain, as well as to share with others who may never have heard the amazing stories and songs that truly made this sorely missed artist a musical pioneer.

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Harry Chapin

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