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This is Ray Goren’s first full length album, after releasing 2 ep’s with singles that charted triple A where he has received enthusiastic support. The eleven songs on his album “Me” represent his whole musical self. In choosing these songs, he decided not to limit himself to one genre or put himself in a box. . In his first release, “Me” platforms his lyrically driven songs and musicality. “Have A Nice Day’ the first single from “Me” is anticipated and garnering early radio support. Ray Goren’s “Me” is Ray’s emergence of a new and important artist

Release Marketing Points

Radio: Triple A, Non-comm, NPR, Alternative Specialty

Advertising print, radio and public station underwriting

Tour extensively beginning September 2017 social media campaign

Comprehensive Media Campaign • Announce the album release date with an exclusive song-premiere at a news-making media outlet such as RollingStone.com, NPR.org or similar. • Write and service all press materials, including a minimum of one national release per month, regional media alerts and email items. Craft items that dig into the stories behind the songs and how the album was created. • Pitch long lead features in national print music magazines to run close to album street date. (Rolling Stone, American Songwriter, Relix, M, Filter, musician magazines, Mother Jones, more). Tour press including, local TV/NPR, print and online feature preview coverage, live picks and listings


A guitar player for nearly half his life, Ray Goren has been electrifying audiences since he was 9 years old. Now 17, Ray continues to deliver exciting and dynamic performances, both as a solo artist and with his band, Ray Goren & Soul Fixers. His first instrument was the piano and his early influence was Thelonious Monk. At the age of 8, Ray discovered and absorbed the music of BB King, Leon Russell, Prince, Johnny Cash, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, D’Angelo and John Mayer. Ray’s music also draws inspiration from contemporary artists J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Drake and the Weeknd. Ray brings this fusion of styles to his songwriting — lyrically driven pop, rock and hip-hop infused with guitar magic. Ray’s single, Save My Soul, was Top 40 Billboard/BDS AAA.

LA Jazz Scene’s Chris Walker describes Ray Goren’s stage performance as amusing, disarming and winning over the audience with his passionate singing and scorching guitar forays which are well suited for the present-day pop scene. After seeing Ray open for BB King in Monterey, reviewer Jason Debord wrote on Rocksubculture.com: “Ray is a real phenomenon, and you sit there not believing what you are seeing and hearing… It was really one of the most unbelievable moments I’ve experienced at any concert. Amazing.” Chicago Sun Times music critic Thomas Conner wrote after Ray’s performance opening night on the main stage for the Chicago Blues Festival “Ray Goren stepped up Thursday night and ripped out a guitar solo that would have made some hairs fall out of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s soul patch.” In short, Ray delivers the fiery goods.

Ray’s music has caught the attention of music writers, who’ve embraced his current ep “Free”. From Indiepulse: “Dynamic young musician Ray Goren embraces elements of New Jack Swing, Hip Hop, Soul, R&B and Rock, on his new six song EP Free. “There have been many that would give acclaim to Goren’s work, and of his talents as a musician, which are all true, but for one so young to create music with the soulful and deepness that is found on Free, it is simply music magic. Ray Goren moves from genre to genre with a fluid ease that is indisputable and he does so with perfection beyond his years.”

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